Aaron Tracy can be described as an All-American East Tennessean living his life behind a beat up six-string and a classic stage microphone. If it’s “loud and proud”, wholesome Country Music then it has Aaron’s name written all over it.
         Though he is only 24 he has had a lot of experience under his belt in both performing and recording music. Not to mention all of the life experiences he has learned from and written countless songs about. Aaron started his music career at just 8 years old in his hometown of Louisville, TN with the help of his mother, learning to play guitar and strengthen his vocals along the way.
“In the beginning it was always hard for me to get into the swing of learning music. I mean hey, I was just a young kid that wanted to go play outside instead. I specifically remember my mom offering me 50 cents just to learn Amazing Grace. Though I never actually got the 50 cents…it pushed me to learn my chops and was when I actually started trying to take it seriously.”
         Throughout school Tracy accomplished many feats such as playing for his first 10,000+ crowds with his old rock band ‘The Deep End’. He also placed in the Top 16 Finalists of CMT’s 2009 Music City Madness Competition as a freshman at Alcoa High School. In his first year at Maryville College, Tracy formed the Aaron Tracy Band with a few of his friends and they set out to make a living on the road.
         Since the beginning of that endeavor, Aaron has played shows for thousands of people, opened for Sara Evans and John Michael Montgomery and even recorded a full Studio Album and Two singles with his band to show for his years of playing on the road.
         Aaron writes all of the songs that he releases.
“As a performer, I’ve found it difficult to sing songs that I haven’t written on. I like to be able to share experiences that I’ve gone through and have written about with other people so that they can feel that moment with complete and genuine authenticity. People can tell if you’re faking it. They just can. It’s an innate ability humans have, I guess. If I’m recording it for others to hear, I at least make sure there’s some part of the song that was written by me.”
         Though his sound is unique in itself, Aaron Tracy’s music lends itself to diversity. His Debut Single, “Chillbilly,” is about as Modern Country as you can get. However, with that being said, the song also hints at flavors of earlier genres. The lyrics are fun and groovy like an old boogie tune and the guitars wail like an old Kenny Chesney Record. It’s a ‘funky kind of Country.’ It’s summertime premise gives the song just the edge it needs to be a hit for anyone looking to live their hot summer months in style.
       “I’m glad ‘Chillbilly’ wound up being the Single I put out first. It really shows the diversified sound that I’m always trying to achieve. It’s a party tune, yet it carries traits of several different styles of music. This, in my opinion, gives a great overall representation of the rest of my song catalog. A little bit of Country, a little Rock, a little Funk and a smidge of blues.”
Alongside his regular shows, Tracy has performed for large gatherings of people at events such as the National WELS Lutheran Annual retreat, DENSO 25th Anniversary Celebration Private Concerts and the Destination Imagination Global Conference Concerts or ‘DI’ for short. DI has a special place in Aaron’s heart, which is why he continues to support the organization.
“One of the best friends I’ve ever had, Matthew Gibbs, got me started in the DI program. We were just 6th graders when we joined a team and competed in it. The competitions dedication to building teamwork in young people and skills and creativity really helped shape me into the person I am today. Later on in life when Matt became an associate for the DI facilities. He used his connections to get me a slot performing at the Global Conferences for thousands of young people. It’s kind of funny actually…I played music at his 16th birthday party. I feel that may have helped my chances of playing DI a bit. Since then I have tried to come back and perform for them as much as possible and I’ve been received with open arms every time. For that I am very grateful and glad to be a part of something so Globally Influential.”
Most of Aaron’s time is spent writing, recording, booking and performing on the road; making his free time that much more valuable. When he’s not juggling all of the responsibilities of his daily life you can find him hiking, snow skiing or somewhere in the great outdoors. If you can picture him singing Chillbilly standing on a dock or by the beach, you can probably find him there too. Knowing that he grew up listening to The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney compliments that notion well.
“While I feel like I have gained my guitar skills through watching amazing artists like Keith Urban, John Mayer and Classic Rock bands, I feel that my earlier influences shaped my lifestyle in so many ways. I’d rather be outside in the middle of a field or laying somewhere on a tropical beach than be cooped up inside all day. Sometimes that’s just the way it has to be though when you’re working.”
The guitar he is holding in his hands for the most part is never a Factory guitar. It’s 95% of the time a ‘Franken-Guitar.’ Yep. You read that right. A guitar--in a guitar--in a guitar. This and that and pieces and parts from all sorts of other guitars. Tracy enjoys building them from scratch or working with his Cousin Mike or his Father Don to build the most unique sound and look possible.
“When I played my first custom guitar, I never looked back and that’s the truth. My Cousin Mike Tracy reached out to me and brought me some guitars he had built to try out. I found two I really loved and bought them from him immediately. Ever since that fateful meeting I have been making my own custom sounds and looks with another one always on the way.”
One of his favorite custom builds is a red mahogany Stratocaster body with a St. Blues high gloss neck. It beholds a Mint Condition white pick guard, white volume and tone knobs and 3 Lindy Fralin Texas Special Pickups. This guitar can be seen played at most of his shows and heard on his records.
         Aaron Tracy strives to bring a new dynamic to today’s Country Music. He also brings some elements of the past into his repertoire like bringing an old friend home from a far away place. “I’ll always do whatever it takes to make sure that the music I create is true and has a reason to exist. Do what you love until you can’t do it anymore. No matter how long it takes you.” With the confidence and integrity to get him through life he is sure to bring his music straight from the heart to you’re very own doorstep.