Aaron Tracy can be described as an All-American East Tennessean living his life behind a six-string and a microphone. If it’s wholesome Music then it has Aaron’s name written all over it. Though he is only 27 he has had a lot of experience under his belt in both performing and recording music. Not to mention all of the life experiences he has learned from and written countless songs about. ​​​ Aaron started his music career at just 8 years old in his hometown of Louisville, TN with the help of his mother, learning to play guitar and strengthen his vocals along the way.

Throughout middle school and high school, Tracy accomplished many feats such as playing for his first 10,000+ crowds with his old rock band ‘The Deep End’. He also placed in the Top 16 Finalists of CMT’s 2009 Music City Madness Competition as a freshman at Alcoa High School.

The Aaron Tracy Band was formed in the Fall of 2012 while Aaron was attending Maryville College as a Music Major. The band consisted of "The Deep End"s drummer Jamie Gregg, and saw the addition of Daniel Allen on Lead Guitar and fellow classmate Zack Tarver on Bass Guitar/Background Vocals. The band began gigging more frequently around the Maryville, TN area as their name gained traction with local establishments. Knowing the itch to record original music was growing bigger, the band signed a management deal with Houla Entertainement in Knoxville, TN. This opened the doorway to Nashville for Aaron and the band. Several trips to Nashville yeilded them a meeting with acclaimed producer/engineer Pat Holt (James Taylor, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Keith Whitley, etc.)

They were also afforded the opportunity to perform at CMA Music Fest in 2013. It was also during this time that the band began working alongside Pat Holt on their very first Studio Album. The album featured fan favorites such as "Cinnamon Sun", "Whiskey River", "Pawn Shop Guitar (Sami Jo)", and "Southern Lights". It was recorded during the Winter of 2013/2014 and was released in April of 2014. The album initially did very well and recieved praise from local media calling them the "Zac Brown Band" of East TN.

The ATB continued their success with a new single entitled "You & Me" in 2015. The song was a summer time hit penned and produced by Aaron Tracy and Daniel Allen. The song did not recieve airplay on any major radio stations but was one of the ATB's biggest songs of their career. In early 2016, the Aaron Tracy Band disbanded and Aaron continued on as a solo artist.

Aaron decided to revamp his first song "Chillbilly" from the ATB album and release it as a single for country radio. This was his first of two radio singles that exposed him to the rest of the world. "Chillbilly" was supported by a radio tour during the Spring and Summer of 2016 through Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. It reached #25 in the USA and #11 in the UK for Most Downloaded New Country Song on Country Radio. "Timeless" soon followed with even more success charting in both the USA (#20) and the UK (#8) for the Most Downloaded Song on Country Radio.

As "Timeless" garnered airplay throughout the Country Scene, opportunities for greater scale live shows began appearing for Aaron. Between 2015-2017 Aaron shared the bill with the likes of Trace Adkins, Sara Evans, John Michael Montgomery, Frankie Ballard, & William Michael Morgan.

Shortly following the success of his two latest singles, Aaron started working on his next project featuring Travis Wyrick in the producer role. This project introduced two new songs, "Dreamboat" and "Goin' Down South". These songs in context with the "Timeless EP" revealed a new sound that had not been previously heard from Aaron. With the help of Wyrick, Aaron's vocal became stronger and more interesting by learning new ways of singing and building up his vocal stamina to new heights.

The Timeless EP was released in late 2016 and propelled Aaron forward into recording his next single "Stay Home Tonight." This single did not recieve airplay but was featured as Aaron's first music video.  After it's release, Aaron began to hone his craft more in the surrounding music scene and essentially dove into it head first for 3 years.

In 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Aaron released a never-before-heard song called "We Sing About Love." The song was written back in 2016 but for years it sat in the catalog of Aaron's unreleased music. With the political and emotional climate of 2020, Aaron felt it was the most appropriate time to release the song.

Aaron is currently working on his first full length solo album.